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Blood Culture Collection Diversion Solutions by C-Quest™ Medical

Cost-Effectively Reduce False Positive Rates and Enhance Clinical Outcomes

Sequestration Syringe™

The Sequestration Syringe Blood Culture Diversion Collection Device with proprietary initial specimen diversion technology is setting new standards in blood culture collection. Available at half the cost of competitive devices, the Sequestration Syringe is an easy-to-use way to achieve accurate blood culture results and reduce false positive rates.

The syringe features a unidirectional check valve to divert and sequester the initial 1.5mL of blood. The valve assures blood can only flow in one direction, preventing sequestered blood from contaminating the culture. The syringe also features a distinctive “T” valve that connects to a universal bottle holder for blood culture collection.

FDA clearance verifies the Sequestration Syringe provides safe and effective diversion in blood culture collection. But, unlike competitive diversion devices, the Sequestration Syringe is easy to use and requires little training. As a result, greater efficiency and cost savings are achieved, while promoting standardization for rapid, accurate blood culture collection procedures.


Blood Culture Collection Kit with Diversion Tube

Each Sequestration Syringe is packaged with a complete C-Quest Blood Culture Collection Kit, including a sterile initial specimen diversion tube. The diversion tube augments accuracy, as bacteria that may be present subdermally are separated and sequestered from non-contaminated blood, virtually eliminating false positive results. The kit contains everything needed for pre-collection, collection and post-collection applications – all in one place, saving clinicians time and enhancing process improvement and compliance.


For more information about the blood culture collection solutions from C-Quest Medical, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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