Catheter Stabilization Devices by Bedal

Catheter Securement Devices By Bedal

Innovative Solutions for Securing Catheters Safely and Easily

Existing guidelines and multiple scientific publications support the use of sutureless stabilization devices for catheters. Traditionally, the use of tape and sutures as securement devices has resulted in challenges and complications. The versatile portfolio of innovative and easy-to-use securement devices from Bedal provides safe, secure and comfortable skin fixation for a wide range of catheters, with no pistoning.


The Bedal PICC/CVC is a single-use patch with unsurpassed fixation strength to hold catheters firmly in place, preventing pistoning (micro-movements) and reducing infection risk. The open top allows for easy identification of the catheter type and size. Release liners are easy to grasp and allow for easy removal. A one-size-fits-all device, the Bedal PICC/CVC is suitable for all types and brands of venous catheters and arterial lines with suture wings.

Bedal PIVC

The Bedal PIVC is a sterile, single-use patch for the stabilization of peripheral catheters and midlines on the hand, upper and lower arm. The unique one size fits all design accepts any kind of luer lock peripheral catheter, winged or non-winged. The high-performing adhesive enables very strong, safe and secure fixation. A low profile enhances patient comfort and easy-to-grasp release liners allow for easy removal.

Bedal Flex – New! Coming Soon!

The Bedal Flex is a sterile, single-use patch for the stabilization of catheters, tubing and cables. The device is easy to use, repositionable and provides very firm fixation. The low profile and soft material provide optimal comfort for the patient. Some examples of applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Spinal neuromodulation electrode
  • Medical harpoon placement breast cancer
  • Low-profile fixation PICC, CVC, midlines, arterial & venous catheters with wings
  • (Post-op) drainage applications
  • Blood clot removal (DVT)
  • Driveline LVAD heart pump

The Bedal Flex securement devices are available in the following size ranges:

  • Size XS: 2.7 – 5Fr
  • Size S: 5 – 11Fr
  • Size M: 11 – 18Fr


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