Blood Irradiation Indicators by RadTag

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Designed to Meet FDA and AABB Guidelines

RadTag Blood Irradiation Indicators are precisely calibrated to verify that the dose of irradiation delivered falls within recommended ranges and that the irradiated blood is safe to transfuse. RadTag indicators are quick and easy to interpret, utilizing a unique color-changing material that gives a clear indication upon exposure to ionizing radiation. The color change is permanent, with no further processing required. Users can visually confirm the irradiation of blood immediately. The indicators feature the lot number and expiration date on the label, with a barcode for convenient documentation. The flexible adhesive label is easy to apply to blood bags and syringes.

RadTag Offers Four Indicator Options

  • Minimum/Maximum Dose Verification for Gamma Irradiation
  • Minimum/Maximum Dose Verification for X-ray Irradiation
  • Minimum Dose Verification for Gamma Irradiation
  • Minimum Dose Verification for X-ray Irradiation


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Item ID Description  Qty/CS
RTG15 RadTag® 15/50Gy Min-Max,  Gamma 200
RTG15-S RadTag® 15Gy Min, Gamma 200
RTX15 RadTag® 15/50Gy Min-Max,  X-Ray 200
RTX15-S RadTag® 15Gy Min, X-Ray 200

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