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Orchid Safety Release Valve by Linear Health Sciences

Every Line. Every Time.

Break Away from the Expense and Pain of IV Dislodgements

Of the 342 million peripheral IVs in the U.S. each year¹, up to 10% may dislodge², costing over $2 billion annually. Dislodgement can be caused by patient confusion, loose dressing or tape, or tubing tangled in the bed or linens.

The Orchid Safety Release Valve™ (SRV) from Linear Health Sciences™, indicated for patients two weeks and up, helps to reduce IV dislodgements, improve patient satisfaction and free clinicians from unnecessary restarts.

The Orchid SRV is a sterile, tension-based patient safety device placed between the existing IV extension set and general IV tubing connection intended to be used for the delivery of fluid to/from an IV catheter. It can be used during direct injection, intermittent infusion and continuous infusion.

The valve utilizes a latex-free, MRI-compatible seal and proprietary design to enclose the flow path.

How the Safety Release Valve Works

When tension on the IV line activates the SRV, the valve disconnects and seals off both sides of the IV creating a sterile barrier. The clinician restores the line by simply removing the separated halves and replacing them with a new, prepackaged, sterile valve. The valve attaches to the administration set and the IV extension set using a standard luer connector, making it easy to integrate with existing IVs. The valve is engineered to prevent post-dislodgement reconnection.


Benefits of the Orchid SRV

  • Avoid unscheduled IV restarts
  • Decrease exposure to Sharps Injuries
  • Retain continuity of care
  • Achieve greater patient safety and satisfaction
  • Focus on value-added nursing time
  • Save valuable hospital funds

Contact us to utilize the Orchid SRV Hospital Savings Estimation Calculator and schedule a demo.

The Orchid SRV is on contract with:

  • Vizient Contract #MS7242.
  • Premier Contract #PP-IV-155
  • VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)


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  2. “The Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Journey: A Prospective Cohort Study of 1000 Patients.” Podium presentation by Nicole Marsh, RN, and Claire Rickard, RN, PhD, AVA 2017 annual meeting

For more information about the Orchid Safety Release Valve from Linear Health Sciences, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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