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Neonatal / Pediatric Syringe Set by Charter Medical

Syringe Sets with 40-Micron and 150-Micron Filter

Safe and cost-effective system for preparing and administering pre-filled syringe aliquots

The neonatal and pediatric syringe sets from Charter Medical are a needle-less system that eliminates needle stick injury, meets OSHA requirements and complies with national needle-less laws.¹ When used with sterile connection technology, these sets provide closed blood delivery, maintain primary unit expiration date, maximize the usage of adult size blood units, limit neonatal donor exposure, and reduce aliquot preparation costs.

NEO-40 Syringe Set with 40-Micron Filter

The NEO-40 Syringe Set is used to remove microaggregates and particulate debris from whole blood and red blood cells during infusion.

Neonatal Syringe Set with 150-Micron Filter

The 150-micron filter syringe set is used to prepare and deliver small aliquots of whole blood, red cell and platelet components and fresh frozen plasma components for neonatal and pediatric transfusion.


For more information about the Charter Medical Neonatal / Pediatric Syringe Sets, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.m”>email us.

¹ The Federal Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (H.R. 5178) mandates needle stick safety practices nationwide. A copy of the document is available from Charter Medical, Ltd Customer Care.
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