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Divided Nasal Sampling Cannula by Salter Labs

Divided Nasal Sampling Cannula

Separates O2 Delivery from CO2 Monitoring

The divided nasal sampling cannula from Salter Labs provides true EtCO2 sampling and effective O2 delivery without limitations at higher lpm rates.1,2 The innovative, divided design allows for separation of gases and for Salter Eyes to continue maintaining sampling, even during a cannula occlusion.2

In a clinical study, the Salter Divided Sampling Cannula was the ONLY nasal sampling cannula to demonstrate statistically significant superiority for both EtCO2 measurement and oxygen delivery.2

Features and Benefits

  • Soft, pliable headset tubing curves gently around the cheeks and ears
  • Safety apertures in each prong reduce the possibility of occlusions3
  • Exclusive 3-channel safety tubing minimizes kinking of the soft headset
  • Unique bolo design helps resist twisting
  • Not manufactured with DEHP or natural latex rubber
  • Curved, soft prongs and facepiece conform to natural anatomy
    • Available in adult, pediatric and infant sizes


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  3. Salter Labs Technical Report 006


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