Inovytec Ventway Sparrow Ventilators from Solutions in Critical Care

Compact EMS and MRI Ventilators for Easy Transport

Ultra-Portable, High-Performance Turbine Ventilators

The Inovytec Ventway Sparrow ventilators combine high-performance, functionality and a compact, user-friendly design, making them among the top emergency and in-hospital transport ventilators. Both ventilators are ultralight, easy to carry and handle. They are durable and reliable, delivering continuous ventilation. The Ventway Sparrow EMS and MRI are maintenance-free, requiring only periodic filter replacement.

Ventway Sparrow EMS

The Ventway Sparrow EMS is designed to be impact-resistant, ultra-portable and lightweight. Enhance the standard of care by delivering hospital ventilation performance in the field from the point of injury all the way to the ICU with just one compact ventilator.

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Ventway Sparrow MRI

The Ventway Sparrow MRI offers a unique combination of high-performance and functionality in a compact design that is MRI compatible, up to 3 Tesla. Impact-resistant, ultra-portable and user-friendly, the Ventway Sparrow MRI ventilators enhance the standard of care with advanced capabilities to match all in-hospital transport scenarios.

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Ventilator Support for COVID-19 Patients


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