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Qoramatic® Automated Stool Management Kit by Consure® Medical

Automated Stool Management Kit

Prevent Injury, Reduce Leakage & Save Time with Qoramatic®

This minimizes the risk of HAIs, skin breakdown, and cross-contamination, thereby enhancing clinical outcomes. The Qoramatic Automated Stool Management Kit is an intelligent, proactive fecal diversion system that uses negative pressure suction to divert fecal exudate. The system is designed to prevent rectal injury, reduce fecal leakage, and save nurses 174 minutes/day required in managing incontinent patients. Qaromatic is a completely closed system and is the only non-balloon, automated fecal management system on the market.

The Qoramatic features a soft and pliable indwelling receptacle that exerts zero radial pressure on the rectal mucosa to avoid sphincter or rectal damage and injuries commonly associated with a high-pressure balloon catheter. The receptacle eliminates the sensation of fullness and significantly adds to patient comfort. The matic hub provides automated negative pressure suction to divert and collect fecal exudate in the disposable drainage bag. In addition, the hub provides scheduled flushing to auto-clean the receptacle and tube to prevent occlusion and malodor. The hub includes intelligent LED indicators, for ease of use and at-a-glance information at any given time. This reduces the nursing burden and provides faster and more efficient patient care.

The Qoramatic reduces fecal leakage which reduces clostridium difficile infection (CDI), incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), and other hospital-associated infections (HAI). Qoramatic improves quality metrics, frees up nurses to perform other clinical duties, and reduces healthcare economic burden.



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Item Code Product Description U/M
MG-12020-001 Qoramatic® Automated Stool Management 10 Kits/Case
MG-62020-001 Qoramatic® Drainage Bags 5 Bags/Box

For more information about the Qoramatic Automated Stool Management Kit from Consure Medical, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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