Ventilator Circuit by Solutions in Critical Care

72″ Ventilator Circuit with Smooth Bore Tubing

High-Quality, Low-Cost Ventilation Circuit

The Ventilator Circuit from Solutions in Critical Care is a disposable 72″ ventilation circuit compatible with adult and pediatric Bi-Level and CPAP systems. Also available with a hanger clip and bacterial/viral filter.

Technical Specifications

• 1 each 180 cm smooth bore tubing – ID:19.5mm(±0.5mm) OD:23.5mm(±0.5mm)
• 2 each PVC straight connector – 19M-22F
• 1 each Straight Connector with tethered Sampling Port – 22M/15F-22M/15M
• 1 each 2m sampling line – ID:3.5mm OD:5.3mm; Wall Thickness:1.8mm
• 1 each hose hanger (certain configurations only)


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