Speed-Torque® by Vascugenix

Vascular Interventions Made Easy

Speed-Torque ® Enables Speed, Control & Visibility During Interventional Procedures

Invented by an interventional cardiologist, Speed-Torque is engineered for speed, control and visibility. Speed-Torque is ergonomically designed with a unique click-and-lock toggle to enable rapid position changes and complete wire control using one hand. The single-handed device allows interventionalists to keep their eyes on the guidewire, not on the device. The longer body length increases back support when crossing tortuous lesions and chronic total occlusions, helping interventional clinicians keep cases running smoothly. Speed-Torque provides increased efficiency, leading to less radiation exposure and increased safety for patients and staff.

Speed-Torque Features

  • Click-and-lock toggle: Simply push the distal end of the toggle to “click” and lock onto the wire – no need to continuously press to hold the wire. Depress the proximal end of the toggle to disengage the wire. Speed-Torque will slide freely on the wire.
  • Handle: Familiar laser-cut, knurled handle for consistent comfort, tactile grip and slip resistance.
  • Luer Tip: The male Luer tip allows the torque device to be attached to the introducer for single-unit efficiency and eliminates the need to remove the introducer during the procedure.
  • Low Profile: When the toggle is engaged on the wire it will not interfere with torquing and positioning of the wire.
  • No Wire Damage: The toggle’s locking arm is made of plastic and won’t damage or deform lubricious-coated wires.

Speed-Torque Specifications

Speed-Torque is a single-use, latex-free device designed to be secured to the proximal portion of standard spring and hydrophilic guidewires with a diameter of 0.009″, 0.014″ or 0.018″. The bore size is 0.009-0.022″



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