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Eagle™ NIV Full-Face Masks from Solutions in Critical Care

Eagle Short-Term, Disposable Non-Invasive Ventilation Full-Face Mask

Effective, Affordable Solution for NIV Respiratory Therapy

The Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 NIV Full-Face Masks are a low-cost solution to providing short-term NIV therapies. The disposable masks configurations are non-vented and can be used with any ventilator circuit with an exhalation valve. Use with transport ventilator circuits and short-term non-invasive mechanical ventilation.

With low dead space, each mask design comes in three color-coded sizes for adult and large pediatric patients (above 30kg). Each mask has a water-clear mask dome, an integrated chin cup and a 22mm female port. The lightweight, easily attached headgear enhances comfort and fit.

Additional Eagle 2 Features

  • Integrated pathway for leak-free use of fiber-optic lines during NIV
  • Two additional integrated ports – luer lock and hose barb type lock




To request an evaluation or more information about the Eagle Masks from Solutions in Critical Care, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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