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Morgue Trailer by Paladin

Be Prepared with a Morgue Trailer

Mobile Morgue Trailers for Rent or Purchase

If your morgue facility is overcapacity due to a mass casualty incident, under construction for renovation or experiencing a cooler outage due to weather, what is your plan to maintain standards and best practices for the deceased left in your care? A mobile morgue trailer is an affordable and reliable way to prepare for the expected and unexpected.

MED Alliance now offers mobile morgue trailers from Paladin, a disaster preparedness solutions company. Paladin is one of the largest manufacturers of purpose-built morgue expansion trailers in North America. They provide high-quality bumper-pull morgue trailers and 53-foot refrigerated morgue trailer conversions.

With multiple size options from 17′ to 53′ to accommodate your needs and budget, Paladin mobile morgue trailers are available for rent or purchase.

FEMA Grant application assistance is also available.

See below for additional details about trailer specifications.


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17-Foot to 31-Foot Mobile Morgue Trailer

Standard Specifications:

  • 17- to 31-Foot Interior Length (16-48-cadavers)
  • 4″ Nominal Closed-Cell Polyurethane Insulation
  • Maintains 35 °F (1°C) in 110 °F (43°C) Ambient Temperatures
  • Bumper-Pull (Towed with Most Pick-ups or SUVs)
  • Low Floor, Easy-Access Ramp Systems
  • Motion-Sensing Interior Lighting
  • Seamless, Heavy-Duty Commercial Flooring
  • Aluminum or Composite Interior Walls
  • Aluminum Rolling Racks and Trays
  • 30+ Year Lifespan

Additional Options:

  • Generator Backup Power
  • Audible/Visual Alarms
  • Transfer Switches
  • Exterior Scene Lighting
  • Safety Lock
  • Tray Locking System
  • Collapsing Rolling Rack Systems
  • Solar Battery Chargers
  • Maintenance and Storage Solutions

53-Foot Mobile Morgue Trailer

Standard Specifications:

  • 53-Foot Insulated/Refrigerated Semi-Trailer
  • Self-Contained Refrigeration Unit
  • 48-Inch Wide x 24-Foot Long/ 1,500 lb. Capacity Rear Access Ramp with Handrails (Color-Coded Assembly)
  • Rear Insulated Wall with Integrated Cooler Door for Easy Access
  • Interior LED Lighting (120VAC)
  • (14) 4-Tray Aluminum (Lightweight) Heavy- Duty Rolling Cadaver Racks
  • (56) Aluminum (Lightweight) Heavy Duty Cadaver Trays with Cam Straps
  • Rear Motion-Controlled LED Ramp Lighting
  • 100′ HD Power Cable for Interior Lighting
  • Crates and straps to secure all loose items
  • Wrenches for Railing Securement
  • Manuals, Guides, Etc.
  • *On-site Maintenance

Additional Options:

  • Additional Racks
  • Additional Trays

Grant Opportunities

Click here for a list of potential grants to help you purchase or rent a trailer.

To learn more about mobile morgue trailers, call 888-891-1200, email us.

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