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The Ring Rescue Kit™ by Ring Rescue

The Ring Rescue Kit™ – Revolutionizing Stuck Ring Removal

Safely and Easily Remove Rings of Any Metal in Minutes

Ring Rescue brings a new era and defines the standard of care for stuck ring removal. The Ring Rescue Kit is the only medical device solution that safely and easily removes rings of any metal, including titanium and tungsten, by a single user in minutes.

The Ring Rescue Kit includes everything healthcare providers need to remove the ring, including the Compression Device and a unique lubricant that enables a non-destructive option to keep the ring intact.  And for those rings that just won’t budge, the Kit also includes the Dolphin Ring Cutter with technology to cut through any ring metal in minutes.

Ring Rescue Compression Device™

Shrink The Finger, Remove The Ring, Preserve The Memory

Rings are usually extremely sentimental and/or valuable to the individual wearing them. The Ring Rescue Compression Device is a non-destructive option for stuck ring removal which helps remove rings, leaving them intact. Used with the Ring Rescue non-hydrating and skin-safe Ring Lubricant, the Compression Device uses uniform air pressure to shrink finger size allowing the ring to be manipulated and pulled off without cutting in many cases. Current non-destructive methods such as the string-wrap technique can cause damage to the finger due to the high-point load force. The Compression Device uses a safe amount of air pressure that should cause no discomfort for the patient.

Ring Rescue Dolphin™ Ring Cutter

Safely and Quickly Cut Any Ring Metal, Including Titanium and Tungsten

The Ring Rescue Dolphin Ring Cutter uses a specially designed AssureCUT™ Disc and a built-in automatic guard that uses smart technology for the fastest cut possible while virtually eliminating the risk of injury to the patient. The disc spins slowly to minimize heat generation and is durable enough to handle even the most difficult metals such as Tungsten, Cobalt and Titanium. The thin, precise and clean cut allows easy repairs in many cases. The Dolphin only requires a single person to operate and is intuitive to use. It is dual-powered with a rechargeable battery that can operate for 60 continuous minutes and has a backup corded option so it is always ready.

The Compression Device and Ring Lubricant should be used in the ring-cutting process. The Compression Device will reduce the finger size and allow the Dolphin finger guard to slide under the ring more comfortably while the Ring Lubricant will aid in keeping the ring temperature low during the cutting process.



For more information about the Ring Rescue Kit, contact your local sales representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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