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Control-Cric® by Pulmodyne®

Control Your Cricothyrotomy

Control-Cric ®: Your First Choice When Faced with a Last Resort Procedure

The Pulmodyne Control-Cric ® System helps clinicians verify tracheal location when performing a surgical airway procedure, without visualization or air aspiration. The Control-Cric ® makes performing a cricothyrotomy faster, easier and less stressful. Most trained clinicians can perform the procedure in under two minutes when using the Control-Cric ®.

Cric-Knife ™

A 10mm dual-sided blade makes it easier for healthcare providers to widen the airway via a slight side-to-side movement. An integrated sliding trach hook slides over the dual sided blade and into the incision site to help clinicians maintain placement in the airway.

Cric-Key ™

The Cric-Key ™ has a preshaped stylet that provides airway confirmation with tactile feel of the tracheal rings, along with a 5.5mm soft tube with cuff.

Extension Tube

The Extension Tube features a top size of 15mmF x 22mmM, a bottom size of 22mmF, and a swivel elbow.

Neck Strap

The Neck Strap is used to secure the tube after the procedure and fits on a 22mm connection.



Product Code Description Quantity
313-4567 Control-Cric Kit 5/CS
313-4565 Control-Cric Training Kit 10/CS

For more information about the Pulmodyne Control-Cric ™, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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