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MaxPlus Blood Cooler Systems by MaxQ

MaxPlus Blood Coolers for Transport and Storage

Innovative, low-weight, high-strength and long-lasting thermal performance

Prevent costly blood wastage and ensure quality during blood storage and transport with MaxPlus Blood Coolers.

MaxPlus Thermal Control Shipping Systems from MaxQ provide a validated and effective solution for shipping and managing whole blood, red blood cells, platelets, and donor specimens. MaxPlus Blood Coolers are engineered with MAXIFY proprietary materials technologies that are revolutionizing the shipping of temperature-sensitive biologics, ensuring precise and consistent performance.

Please view MaxQ’s Blood Supply Chain White Paper.


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MTP Cooler

MaxPlus Massive Transfusion Protocol Cooler

Storage and transportation for packed red blood cells, thawed plasma and platelets at precise temperatures

• Validated up to 12 hours
• One cooler replaces up to 3 coolers for each MTP request
• Packs in seconds
• Operationally qualified pack-out simplifies validation and implementation
• Concise, ergonomic form-factor with built-in wheels

Blood Cooler

MaxPlus Blood Cooler

No-bench-time blood storage and transportation coolers

• Refrigerated (1°C to 6°C), Room Temperature (20°C to 24°C)
• Longest temperature hold time
• Pre-qualified
• Portable, lightweight, reusable and economical
• Optimize blood utilization by reducing waste
• Packed red cells, whole blood, platelets, plasma, tissue, organs and more

MaxPlus Platelet Shipper

Shipping cooler for blood bank platelet export and hospital distribution

• Controlled room temperature (20°C to 24°C)
• Proven protection against product loss
• 250% more payload in packages 45% smaller and lighter than anything offered can save up to 30% in shipping costs
• Packs 1-12 platelet units
• Pre-qualified for 24 hours (summer and winter ambient)

Red Blood Cell Cooler

MaxPlus Red Blood Cell Shipper

Purpose-designed for blood bank export of red blood cells

• Unprecedented thermal performance with space-optimizing design
• Pre-qualified for up to 48 hours
• Safely reduce cost with longer shipping times
• Highest ratio of payload capacity to package size
• Ship more product in less space

Donor Tube Cooler

MaxPlus Donor Tube Shipper

Purpose-designed for donor specimen export and delivery

• Longest thermal hold and shipping times
• Donor tube-specific testing and qualification
• High-capacity dimensional weight design
• Pre-qualified for 24, 48+ hours (summer and winter ambient)
• Packs 1-512 Vacutainers® with the highest ratio of payload capacity to package size
• Precision-engineered and customized pack-outs for different payload classes and distribution stages

For more information about MaxPlus Thermal Control Shipping Systems by MaxQ, contact your local sales representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.


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