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Val-A-Sure ™ Cooler Validation Kit by Temptime®

Val-A-Sure ™ for Blood Banks and Medical Laboratories

Accurate. Consistent. Simple.

Temperature assurance is crucial for the safe transport of blood and blood products. Validation of portable transport coolers can be a frustrating and often confusing task for facilities of all sizes. Use the Val-A-Sure ™ automated temperature recorder, set the validation parameters, pack the cooler and press “START.” It is accurate, consistent and simple.

Validation Simplified

The temperature recorders, software and recommended SOPs provide options for an accurate validation process, regardless of your blood bank size.

Using electronic recording equipment and following the Cooler Validation SOPs, along with supporting documentation, helps ensure consistent temperature measurement and record-keeping with each cooler validation.

Val-A-Sure ™ combines everything you need in one simple kit including all of the instructions, documentation, and equipment that are needed to perform accurate, consistent cooler validations.

Kit Includes

  • Val-A-Sure ™ DVD with Validation Procedure Videos, Validation Protocols (SOPs) and documentation
  • Temperature Recorders (NIST Calibration Certified 6° C)
  • Recorder Software, USB PC-computer cradle to quickly set up the recorder, and easily download validation temperature data (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Software Compatible)
  • Bag-Sealer™ probe (NIST Calibration Certified) for higher accuracy, internal bag temperature measurement. Probe designed to prevent leakage from bags
  • Water-and shock-resistant case to store all equipment



Temptime ® is a Zebra Technologies Company

Product Code Description Quantity
900-1 Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit EACH
900-2 Val-A-Sure Custom Kit EACH
922 LogTag Bag Sealer Probe EACH
940 TRIX-8 Compact temperature recorder with built-in temperature sensor EACH
941 TREX-8 Compact temperature recorder with Bag-SealerTM Probe & lubricant EACH

For more information about Val-A-Sure ™, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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