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Flex-Tip® Endotracheal Tubes by Salter Labs

Endotracheal Tubes Designed with Flex-Tip® Technology

Provides Smooth and Easy Intubation

The Flex-Tip® Endotracheal Tubes (ETT) from Salter Labs are engineered with a unique, patented design that helps avoid airway collisions. The atraumatic, soft and flexible rounded tips glide through airway anatomy, reducing the incidence of airway collision and preventing trauma to the airway. The Flex-Tip® closely hugs intubation guides, introducers, and stylets.

Clinical studies suggest smoother intubations are possible using the Flex-Tip.¹ For all non-difficult airway patients intubated with GlideScope, intubation was 52% easier using the Flex-Tip. All non-difficult airway patients intubated with GlideScope where the airway was difficult to visualize, intubation with the Flex-Tip was 73% easier.

Flex-Tip® Family of Products

A wide range of styles and sizes are available to accommodate a variety of patients and intubation scenarios.

  • PFHV: High Volume, Low Pressure, Cuffed ETT
  • PFLP: Low Profile, Cuffed ETT
  • PFUO: Low Profile, Uncuffed ETT
  • PFNC: Preformed, Nasal, Cuffed ETT
  • PFNU: Preformed, Nasal, Uncuffed ETT
  • PFST: High Volume, Low Pressure, Cuffed, Pre-Loaded with Sheathed Malleable Stylet ETT
  • PFOC: Preformed, Oral, Cuffed ETT
  • PFOU: Preformed, Oral, Uncuffed ETT
  • PFRC: Reinforced, Cuffed ETT
  • PFRU: Reinforced, Uncuffed ETT
  • PFEC: Articulating Cord, Cuffed, Easy Curve ETT
  • PTCL: Magill-Style, Polyurethane ThinCuff, DEHP-Free Tubing, No Murphy Eyes, Cuffed ETT
  • PTCY: Murphy-Style, Polyurethane ThinCuff, DEHP-Free Tubing, Two Murphy Eyes, Cuffed ETT
  • NPA: Nasopharyngeal Airway


1. Radesic BP, Winkleman C, Einsporn R, Kless J. Ease of intubation with the Parker Flex-Tip or a standard Mallinckrodt endotracheal tube using a video laryngoscope (GlideScope). AANA J.2012;80:363-372.


For more information about Flex-Tip® Endotracheal Tubes by Salter Labs, contact your local sales representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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