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IntuBrite Laryngoscopes by Salter Labs

Delivering Quality and Performance

IntuBrite Dual LED Disposable Laryngoscope Handles and Blades

IntuBrite is the only disposable laryngoscope with exceptional dual LED airway illumination and clinician-preferred aluminum and stainless steel construction.

IntuBrite Blades

IntuBrite dual LED disposable blades use a patented dual lighting system (cool, bright white and ultraviolet LEDs) to produce a custom light waveform that enables optimized illumination of the airway, with maximum definition and minimal glare.

IntuBrite Handles

Constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum, IntuBrite dual LED disposable handles will power IntuBrite blades at their optimum level. Positioned as a truly disposable handle option for hospitals & EMS services that seek to eliminate cross-contamination risk, simplify laryngoscope processing and lower overall costs. Available in standard, stubby and pediatric sizes.


For more information about the IntuBrite Laryngoscopes by Salter Labs, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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