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GO-PAP™ Disposable Emergency CPAP by Pulmodyne

GO-PAP™ by Pulmodyne®

Emergency Disposable CPAP with Integrated Nebulization

The GO-PAP™ is a fully disposable emergency CPAP device that runs off of the barbed valve outlet on an O2 source. Unlike other disposable CPAP devices that use a low-pressure port, the GO-PAP™ PEEP settings are independent of the flow, allowing you to set it, forget it and focus on your patient.

GO-PAP™ Features

  • Runs at 10 LPM of oxygen and generates up to 90 LPM of flow
  • Has an approximate 30% FiO2
  • Includes 3 options for PEEP of 5, 7 and 10 cm H2O
  • Run time of approximately 40 minutes
  • Integrated nebulization without interrupting the delivered flow to the patient
  • Nebulize off of one tank utilizing the Neb-Connect™
  • Comes with the Pulmodyne BiTrac™ ED Mask



Bi-Trac ED Mask

Bi-Trac™ ED Mask

Designed to Fit Patients Comfortably

  • Made from silicone for an effective seal in the pre-hospital space
  • Adjustable Omni Clip™ which allows you to adjust the mask in, out, up and down to fit the patient
  • Can be used with nasal cannula and capnography without affecting the seal
neb connector on and off positions


Nebulize and provide CPAP therapy to your patient using only one tank!

For more information about the GO-PAP™ Disposable Emergency CPAP from Pulmodyne, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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