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AED Plus by ZOLL®

The Best Support for Rescuers

AED Plus Provides High-Quality CPR at the Proper Depth and Rate

The American Heart Association’s 2010 Guidelines recommend rescuers push hard to a depth of at least two inches at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute. Rescuers shouldn’t have to guess if the appropriate depth and rate are being reached. Only an AED Plus ® with Real CPR Help ® technology provides the best support for saving a life.

Survival Increases with Early Intervention

Research shows that the probability of survival goes up dramatically when CPR is performed, and when an AED is applied before an ambulance arrives. Only Zoll’s AED Plus is equipped with Real CPR Help technology. A sensor in the pads that attach to the patient lets the AED see each chest compression and guides the user, with prompts and a real-time bar gauge, to the recommended depth and rate of compressions.

The Benefits of Ownership

The AED Plus can help an organization’s bottom line. The AED Plus has the lowest total cost of ownership of all AEDs on the market, especially when considering the logistics of tracking and changing pads and batteries over the life of the AED. The AED Plus is powered by lithium batteries (available from retail outlets) that last five years, and the CPR-D-padz Electrode lasts five years as well.


The Best Support Includes the Following:

  • Zoll’s unique one-piece CPR-D-padz for quick, easy application. Pull tabs expose the conductive gel once it is in direct contact with the skin, limiting the chance of contamination.
  • A rescue accessory package attached to every CPR-D-padz that contains items critical to a successful rescue.
  • A lid that acts as a “passive airway support” to maintain the victim’s open airway.
  • A back-lit display screen that provides simultaneous text with every audio prompt, and a circle of lighted graphical icons that show what to do.
  • A display screen that presents the elapsed time and number of shocks delivered, critical information needed by EMS personnel when they arrive.
  • Real CPR Help. No other AED can see the rescuers chest compressions and guide them to the required depth and rate.

For more information about AED Plus, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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