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  • MED Alliance to Exhibit at the 2024 Society of Michigan EMS Instructor Coordinators Conference

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    MED Alliance to Exhibit at the 2024 Society of Michigan EMS Instructor Coordinators Conference

    MED Alliance Group is pleased to announce its attendance at the 2024 Society of Michigan EMS Instructor Coordinators (SMEMSIC) Professional Development Conference on March 7-10 at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa in Traverse City, MI. EMS Instructors from Michigan who are leaders in EMS organizations and communities throughout the state will attend the conference to acquire new knowledge and skills regarding emergency medicine. Attendees will get hands-on demonstrations and training covering a variety of EMS topics.

    MED Alliance Group Sales Representatives Ted Beatty and Rick Hasseld will showcase the following innovative and cost-effective devices ideal for EMS professionals:

    Archeon Medical Logo

    Archeon Medical

    EOlife X: a CPR manual ventilation training device that teaches first responders about proper airway management and good ventilation regardless of the user’s level of experience and the type of patient.

    EOlife: Ensure manual ventilation is safe and efficient with the EOlife smart ventilation monitoring device from Archeon Medical. EOlife is a reliable and intuitive tool, with the ability to adapt in real-time, offering two different user interfaces depending on the type of user (ALS or BLS).

    compression works logo

    Compression Works

    AAJT-S: The Abdominal Aortic Junctional Tourniquet-Stabilized ™ (AAJT-S ™) is the world’s only multi-functional life-saving tourniquet for junctional and pelvic hemorrhage.

    Innovative Trauma

    iTClamp: The iTClamp is a bleeding control device with proven effectiveness that stops bleeding immediately and is safe and easy to use. The clamp seals the edges of a wound closed to create a stable clot and stop blood loss until the wound can be surgically repaired.

    Linear Health Sciences Logo

    Linear Health Sciences

    Orchid Safety Release Valve: Helps to reduce IV dislodgement, improve patient satisfaction and free clinicians from unnecessary restarts.

    Pneumeric Capnospot Logo

    Pneumeric, Inc.

    Capnospot: Capnospot™ is a novel device for tension pneumothorax decompression. Using colorimetric capnography, the device assists first responders in rapidly and accurately confirming needle thoracostomy placement.

    Ring Rescue Logo

    Ring Rescue

    The Ring Rescue Kit™: The Ring Rescue Kit is the only medical device solution that safely and easily removes rings of any metal, including titanium and tungsten, by a single user in minutes.

    Solutions in Critical Care logo

    Solutions in Critical Care

    Inovytec Ventway Sparrow EMS Ventilator – Lightweight, compact, high-performance EMS turbine ventilator.

    Pedi-Fit: Specifically designed for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) patients, the Pedi-Fit Nasal and Full-Face Masks enable healthcare providers to fit patients they haven’t been able to fit before.

    AirLife Logo


    Air-Q3: The advanced, silicone Air-Q3 helps deliver safety and confidence in airway management, no matter what airway challenges you face. The Air-Q3 series includes self-pressurizing and gastric models with additional features.

    If you are unable to attend the SMEMSIC conference and want to learn more about these or other EMS products sold and distributed by MED Alliance, please call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local MED Alliance Group sales representative.

    MED Alliance Group is a medical device distributor that has been meeting the needs of our clinical customers and manufacturing partners since 1998. Dedicated to meeting the needs of its clinical customers and manufacturing partners, MED Alliance offers cost-effective, customized sales, logistics, and distribution solutions for products found in anesthesia/respiratory, blood/transfusion therapy, EMS/emergency room, interventional radiology/cath lab, iv/vascular, NICU/PICU and pharmacy.

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