MSAMED Alliance Group will attend the upcoming Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists on Saturday, May 4th in Bloomington, Minnesota. The conference is expected to have 100 anesthesiologists attend, and the conference will include courses on patient satisfaction, breastfeeding and anesthesia, microaggressions and many more. This will be MED Alliance’s fourth year exhibiting at the conference.

MED Alliance Group Sales Representative Marc Tutt will be available in in the exhibitor hall to showcase the following innovative and cost effective anesthesia devices offered through MED Alliance:

Salter Labs, Mercury, Inscope, GFMS LLCair-Q from Salter Labs: Everyday intubating larygneal airway designed to facility intubation.

IntuBrite from Salter Labs: Video laryngoscopy system designed for easy and successful endotracheal intubation.

Flow-Safe from Mercury Medical: The first disposable CPAP system for acute pulmonary adema with a built-in manometer and pressure relief valve that allows suctioning without removing the mask.

Inscope Direct from Inscope Medical Solutions: Integrated, controllable suction laryngoscope that allows for quick removal of secretions to maintain a continuous, clear view of the patient’s vocal cords.

Cable Jacketz from GFMS, LLC: Housing system for medical hoses, cables and cords to help eliminate healthcare facility trip hazards, and reduce time wasted untangling disinfecting individual machine cables and hoses.

Not attending the show or want to know more before it starts? Email us or call 888-891-1200 to be connected with your local representative.

MED Alliance Group is an ISO 13485 certified medical device distributor with more than 350 years of combined medical device sales and distribution experience. Dedicated to meeting the needs of its clinical customers and manufacturing partners, MED Alliance offers cost effective, customized sales, logistics, and distribution solutions for products found in anesthesia/respiratory, blood/transfusion therapy, EMS/emergency room, interventional radiology/cath lab, iv/vascular and NICU/PICU.

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