Air-Q® by Salter Labs®

Masked Laryngeal Airway

The Everyday Airway Designed to Facilitate Intubation

The Air-Q / Air-Qsp was developed and designed by an anesthesiologist following 8 years of clinical research. The Air-Q requires an inflation line during intubation. The Aair-Qsp has a self-pressurizing mask cuff, which requires no inflation line, and eliminates the extra step of inflating the mask cuff and mask cuff over-inflation altogether. The Air-Q / Air-Qsp are offered in both reusable and disposable models.  The Air-Q Blocker version and Blocker Tube is designed for patients with a higher risk of aspiration and is available in disposable models only.

air-Q Features:

  • Removable tethered connector avoids misplacing the connector
  • Removable color-coded connector allows intubation through the airway tube with any standard ET tubes
  • Integrated bite block which is easier to place, reinforces the tube, and diminishes the need to separate the bite block
  • Built-up mask heal for improved seal
  • Elevation ramp facilitates intubation and directs the ET tube toward the laryngeal inlet
  • 0.5, Pink | Patient Weight: < 4 kgs (Reusable Only)
  • 1.0, Blue | Patient Weight: < 4-7 kgs
  • 1.5, Green | Patient Weight: < 7-17 kgs
  • 2.0, Orange | Patient Weight: < 17-30 kgs
  • 2.5, Yellow | Patient Weight: < 30-50 kgs
  • 3.5, Red | Patient Weight: < 50-70 kgs
  • 4.5, Purple | Patient Weight: < 70-100 kgs


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