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    MED Alliance Group to Exhibit at the 2022 Michigan Association of Blood Banks Annual Meeting

    MED Alliance Group will exhibit its portfolio of blood management products at the upcoming Michigan Association of Blood Banks Annual Meeting on September 21st and 22nd, 2022.

    The meeting will be held at the VistaTech Center in Livonia, Michigan and will include multiple sessions regarding blood management, as well as advancements in the field. Click here for the agenda.

    MED Alliance Group Sales Representatives Ted Beatty and Rick Hasseld will be available during the conference to showcase and answer attendee questions about the following cost-effective, trusted, and innovative blood management products offered through MED Alliance:

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    MaxPlus Alpha 2.0 Blood Cooler – Validated coolers with integrated temperature monitoring. Pack whole blood, packed red blood cells, chilled plasma, platelets and cell therapy apheresis products.

    MaxPlus Blood Cooler – Portable, lightweight, reusable and economical. No-bench-time blood storage and transportation coolers.

    MaxPlus EMT Cooler – Validated cooler for Emergency Medical Transport & Air Evac Operations. Optimized for quick deployment.

    MaxPlus Massive Transfusion Protocol Cooler – Storage and transportation for packed red blood cells, thawed plasma and platelets at precise temperatures. One cooler replaces up to 3 coolers for each MTP request.

    Zebra Temptime logo

    Safe-T Vue Temperature Indicators Manufactured by Temptime  – Zebra Safe-T-Vue temperature indicators manufactured by Temptime are heat-sensitive and easily adhere directly to blood bags. Ideally suited for blood banks and transfusion services, the indicators are a cost-effective, reliable and simple way to help ensure quality control during storage and transportation of blood products such as red blood cells, whole blood and plasma.

    Val-a-Sure Cooler Validation Kit Manufactured by Temptime  – The temperature recorders, software and recommended SOPs in Zebra’s Val-a-Sure Cooler Validation Kit provide options for an accurate validation process, regardless of your blood bank size.

    Charter Medical

    Charter Neonatal Syringe SetWhen used with sterile connection technology, these sets provide closed blood delivery, maintain primary unit expiration date, maximize the usage of adult size blood units, limit neonatal donor exposure, and reduce aliquot preparation costs.

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    RadTag Blood Irradiation Indicators – RadTag Blood Irradiation Indicators are precisely calibrated, easy to interpret, and easy to apply to help verify that the dose of irradiation delivered falls within recommended ranges and that the irradiated blood falls within the recommended ranges for transfusion.

    Unable to attend the meeting? To learn more about these and other blood management products distributed through MED Alliance, please call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to a specialty-trained, local representative.

    MED Alliance Group is a medical device distributor that has been meeting the needs of our clinical customers and manufacturing partners since 1998. We specialize in the sales, marketing, importation, logistics and distribution of innovative, high-quality and cost-effective products found in anesthesia and respiratory, blood and transfusion therapy, EMS and emergency room, interventional radiology and cath lab, IV and vascular, as well as NICU and PICU.

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