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    0-mask with filter

    O-Mask by Solutions in Critical Care

    O-Mask Closed Isolation System Ensure Efficient Oxygen Delivery The O-Mask delivers specialty gases efficiently without waste. The elimination of side ports creates a closed isolation system that prevents room air dilution on inhalation and ensures concentrations are delivered easily and economically. Highlights Delivers 30%-90% oxygen Delivers low, medium or high... Read More
    ventilator circuit for BiPap and CPAP

    Ventilator Circuit by Solutions in Critical Care

    72″ Ventilator Circuit with Smooth Bore Tubing High-Quality, Low-Cost Ventilation Circuit The Ventilator Circuit from Solutions in Critical Care is a disposable 72″ ventilation circuit compatible with adult and pediatric Bi-Level and CPAP systems. Also available with a hanger clip and bacterial/viral filter. Technical Specifications • 1 each 180 cm... Read More
    flo2max oxygen mask

    FLO2MAX by Solutions in Critical Care

    FLO2MAX Filtered Oxygen Mask Closed Mask Breathing System with 99.99% Filtration Efficiency The FLO2MAX Filtered Oxygen Mask is an all-in-one closed mask breathing system that offers low, medium and high oxygen concentration and nebulization from just one mask. All patient exhalation is filtered through a submicron, hydrophobic 3M™ filter that... Read More
    Ventway Sparrow EMS and MRI Transport Ventilators

    Inovytec Ventway Sparrow Ventilators from Solutions in Critical Care

    Compact EMS and MRI Ventilators for Easy Transport Ultra-Portable, High-Performance Turbine Ventilators The Inovytec Ventway Sparrow ventilators combine high-performance, functionality and a compact, user-friendly design, making them among the top emergency and in-hospital transport ventilators. Both ventilators are ultralight, easy to carry and handle. They are durable and reliable, delivering... Read More
    Rescuer II Compact CPAP System

    Rescuer II Compact CPAP System by Solutions in Critical Care

    Rescuer II Compact CPAP System Provide Maximum Patient Benefits with Minimum Oxygen Consumption The Rescuer II Compact CPAP System was designed to deliver optimal FiO2 levels while conserving oxygen resources. Known as the disposable CPAP with the lowest oxygen consumption, the Rescuer II is also the only disposable CPAP with... Read More
    Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 NIV Full Face Masks

    Eagle™ NIV Full-Face Masks from Solutions in Critical Care

    Eagle Short-Term, Disposable Non-Invasive Ventilation Full-Face Mask Effective, Affordable Solution for NIV Respiratory Therapy The Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 NIV Full-Face Masks are a low-cost solution to providing short-term NIV therapies. The disposable masks configurations are non-vented and can be used with any ventilator circuit with an exhalation valve.... Read More
    Artemis Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask

    Pedi-Fit by Solutions in Critical Care

    A Non-Invasive Pediatric Nasal and Full-Face Mask The Pedi-Fit Provides Excellent Seal and Comfort Specifically designed for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) patients, the Pedi-Fit enables healthcare providers to fit patients they haven’t been able to fit before. The soft, molded silicone material and flexible forehead ensure excellent seal and... Read More
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