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    Reduce Dressing Changes and Supply Costs with AquaGuard

    A 2016 survey of oncology and infusion clinicians concluded that 57% of early dressing changes are due to the site becoming wet or soiled.[1] These dressing changes are often prior to the protocol as outlined in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections.[2] Early dressing changes and dressing [...]

    Help Improve Quality of Care with the IV/Vascular Access and Interventional Radiology Devices Offered Through MED Alliance Group

    MED Alliance Group is proud to specialize in the distribution of intravenous/vascular access and interventional radiology products that help healthcare providers improve patient safety, patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. INTRAVENOUS/VASCULAR ACCESS The AquaGuard Moisture Barrier from Covalon Technologies Ltd. was designed to improve quality of care and outcomes for patients with catheter sites, surgical incisions [...]

    Protect Against Harmful Moisture-Harboring Bacteria with AquaGuard®

    Keeping a clean and dry dressing on patients who have an IV or surgical site is extremely important in preventing infections and complications. When showering, preventing moisture from reaching these areas can be tricky. Unprotected surgical dressings and IV sites, even if not under a direct water stream, are subject to moisture-harboring bacteria while showering. [...]
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