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Plasma Processing Systems by Charter Medical

Apheresis Plasma Aliquot Systems

Maximize Your Plasma Donations

The Plasma Processing System from Charter Medical consists of three 300/400 mL PVC transfer bags. These bag systems may be attached to a jumbo plasma unit collected on an apheresis machine and divided into multiple smaller units prior to processing. This T8703H one-liter collection set model which features three 400 mL bags allows fresh frozen plasma to be subdivided.

Features and Benefits

  • Tubing is compatible with sterile connection technology
  • Unique, easy grip spike port provides tamper evident access
  • Compatible with commercial plasma apheresis technology to facilitate plasma collection
  • Available in multiple configurations

Plasma Processing Bag Sizes

  • 300 mL
  • 400 mL
  • 1000 mL


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For more information about the Charter Medical Plasma Processing Systems, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.


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