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    Effective Airway Management is Crucial to Patient Outcomes

    Effectively matching the appropriate airway management technique and resources with the patient’s needs is crucial to patient outcomes. Along with skill and experience, healthcare providers need the right airway management devices at their fingertips to ensure patient survival and recovery.

    MED Alliance Group is proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of highly effective anesthesia and respiratory products used in clinical airway management.

    Air- Q3


    The advanced, silicone Air-Q3 helps deliver safety and confidence in airway management, no matter what airway challenges you face. The unique ET tube ramp and epiglottis elevator aid in fast, easy, and safe intubations. The Air-Q3 series includes self-pressurizing and gastric models with additional features. All models are latex-free, single-patient use, and disposable.

    Control Cric


    The Pulmodyne Control-Cric ® System helps clinicians verify tracheal location when performing a surgical airway procedure, without visualization or air aspiration. The Control-Cric ® makes performing a cricothyrotomy faster, easier and less stressful.

    HFT 150 Heated High-Flow System

    HFT 150

    The HFT 150™ Heated High-Flow Therapy System delivers warmed, humidified and precise high-flow oxygen/air to provide respiratory support for spontaneously breathing patients. This all-in-one solution is an integrated, single-unit device that is intuitive and simple to operate. The HFT 150 optimizes patient outcomes by utilizing sensors and intelligent algorithms to monitor temperature, humidity, oxygen and flow.

    HFC Gold High-Flow Nasal Cannula


    The HFC-GOLD High-Flow Nasal Cannula is engineered for patients and clinicians. The versatile design allows the clinician to apply and adjust the cannula even in the most challenging patient positions. The flexible, ergonomic headgear snuggly surrounds the face and crown of the head to alleviate the interface from slipping.

    IntuBrite Dual LED Disposable Laryngoscope

    IntuBrite Laryngoscopes

    The IntuBrite Laryngoscopes are a patented, award-winning dual lighting design laryngoscopy system featuring both ultraviolet and white LED. The IntuBrite’s blades are disposable and use a patented dual lighting system (cool, bright white and ultraviolet LEDs) to produce a custom light waveform that enables optimized illumination of the airway. The handle is constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum and is a truly disposable option for hospitals and EMS services.

    Rescuer II 900x900

    The Rescuer II Compact CPAP System 

    Deliver optimal FiO2 levels while conserving oxygen resources with the Rescuer II! Known as the disposable CPAP with the lowest oxygen consumption, the Rescuer II is also the only disposable CPAP with an inspiratory/expiratory filter for infection control. The Rescuer II is cost-efficient, easy to use and delivers maximum patient results.

    To learn more about these and other innovative and cost-effective anesthesia and respiratory products offered through MED Alliance, please call 888-891-1200 or email us be connected to your local representative.

    MED Alliance Group is a medical device distributor that has been meeting the needs of our clinical customers and manufacturing partners since 1998. Dedicated to meeting the needs of its clinical customers and manufacturing partners, MED Alliance offers cost-effective, customized sales, logistics, and distribution solutions for products found in anesthesia/respiratory, blood/transfusion therapy, EMS/emergency room, interventional radiology/cath lab, iv/vascular and NICU/PICU.

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