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    Thank You for Your Interest in the UCLA Case Study

    DOWNLOAD - MTP Cooler Please complete the form to access the MaxQ MTP Cooler UCLA Case Study. Full Name* Job Title* Email* Phone*Company* State*StateALAKAZARCACOCTDEDCFLGAHIIDILINIAKSKYLAMEMDMAMIMNMSMOMTNENVNHNJNMNYNCNDOHOKORPAPRRISCSDTNTXUTVTVAVIWAWVWIWYOtherEmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    MaxPlus Blood Cooler Product Codes

    The MaxPlus Blood Cooler Systems by MaxQ are innovative, low-weight, high-strength and long-lasting coolers specifically designed for the transport and storage of blood and blood products. Click here to learn more. Item ID Item Description U/M MaxPlus Blood Coolers R10MB 1 - 3 units of pRBC/Plasma, 1 – 6 °C, Insulated box: 10MB box Gel [...]
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