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    Reduce Dressing Changes and Supply Costs with AquaGuard

    A 2016 survey of oncology and infusion clinicians concluded that 57% of early dressing changes are due to the site becoming wet or soiled.[1] These dressing changes are often prior to the protocol as outlined in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections.[2] Early dressing changes and dressing [...]

    AquaGuard Product Codes

    AquaGuard by TIDI are one-time use, waterproof moisture barriers designed to protect catheter sites, surgical incisions and/or wound dressings during patient showering. Click here to learn more. Product Code Description Quantity 50004-CSE AquaGuard 4" x 4" 98/CS 50004-RBX AquaGuard 4" x 4": Retail Packaging 50/CS 50005-CSE Aquaguard 5" x 5" 98/CS 50010-CSE AquaGuard 7" x [...]
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