MED Alliance Group is pleased to exhibit its wide portfolio of respiratory care products at the 51st Annual Missouri Society for Respiratory Care Conference on April 19 and 20. The conference will be held at the Margaritaville Lake Resort in Osage Beach, Missouri.

Approximately 500 respiratory therapy professionals are expected to attend and are eligible for 15 hours of Continuing Respiratory Care Education (CRCE) credit. Sessions will include the use of transpulmonary pressure monitoring, the utilization of high-flow therapy across the continuum of care, difficult airways, ventilation strategies and more.

MED Alliance Group Sales Representative Jennifer Kelley will be available during the conference to answer questions about the following innovative and cost-effective respiratory care products:

Inovytec Ventway Sparrow MRI portable Ventilator

Solutions in Critical Care

Inovytec Ventway Sparrow Portable Turbine Ventilator: Offers a unique combination of high performance and functionality in a compact, MRI-compatible design.

Artemis Pedi-Fit NIV Interface Full-Face and Nasal Mask

Solutions in Critical Care

Pedi-Fit Non-Invasive Pediatric Full-Face and Nasal Masks: Specifically designed for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) patients, the Pedi-Fit has a soft, molded silicone material and flexible forehead to ensure excellent seal and patient comfort during CPAP and VPAP therapy.

HFT 150 Heated High-Flow System

Invent Respiratory

HFT 150 Heated High-Flow Therapy System: An all-in-one system delivering warmed, humidified and precise high-flow oxygen/air to provide respiratory support for spontaneously breathing patients. This single-unit device is intuitive and simple to operate.

Vitalograpah Pneumotrac Spirometer with RMS


Pneumotrac Spirometer with RMS – A powerful and flexible PC-based respiratory diagnostic device with respiratory muscle strength measurement capabilities.

ALPHA Spirometer – For Precise Spirometry, Portability, Printing and PC Connectivity.

In2itive™ Spirometer – A high-quality mobile spirometer with PC and network connectivity.

micro™ Spirometer – A high-quality, hand-held entry-level spirometer.

Bacterial Viral Filters – Trap expectorated matter, bacteria and viruses with 99.999% cross-contamination efficiency.

Unable to attend the conference? To learn more about these and other respiratory care products distributed through MED Alliance, please call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to a specialty-trained, local representative.

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