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    Maintaining Blood Quality and Safety with Temptime®

    Transporting and storing blood products is sensitive and requires diligent temperature monitoring from start to finish. A study from the American Red Cross found that after a 3-hour temperature excursion towards room temperature, RBCs showed an enhanced growth of the S. marcescens bacteria during later storage.[1] S. marcescens is often involved in Hospital Acquired Infections, and many strains are resistant to multiple antibiotics.[2]

    Maintaining the appropriate 6ºC storage and 10ºC transport temperatures is vital because biologics that fall outside of these temperatures are discarded leading to blood wastage.

    Temptime® products such as the Safe-T-Vue® Temperature Indicators and the Val-A-Sure™ Cooler Validation Kit help ensure consistency and accuracy during the transportation and storage of blood products. Both products promote accountability during transport and can help ensure the quality of the blood products your facility uses.

    Val-A-Sure ™ Cooler Validation Kit by Temptime®

    Val-A-Sure ™ combines everything you need in one simple kit including all of the instructions, documentation, and equipment that are needed to perform accurate, consistent cooler validations. Each kit includes a DVD with Validation Procedure Videos and protocols, temperature recorders, recorder software with easily downloadable information, a Bag-Sealer™ probe and a water and shock-resistant case to store all equipment.

    Safe-T-Vue® Temperature Indicators by Temptime®

    The easy-to-use Safe-T-Vue® Temperature Indicators are heat-sensitive and easily adhere directly to blood bags. Safe-T-Vue® alerts users that the blood products your facility uses have been exposed to potentially damaging temperatures. The indicators are a cost-effective, reliable and simple way to promote quality for blood banks and transfusion services. The indicators have earned the Standards-Compliant designation from the American Association of Blood Banks.

    To learn more about these products from Temptime® please call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local sales representative.

    MED Alliance Group is a medical device distributor with more than 350 years of combined medical device sales and distribution experience. Dedicated to meeting the needs of its clinical customers and manufacturing partners, MED Alliance offers cost-effective, customized sales, logistics, and distribution solutions for products found in anesthesia/respiratory, blood/transfusion therapy, EMS/emergency room, interventional radiology/cath lab, iv/vascular and NICU/PICU.

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