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  • Why the AAJT-S is First Responders’ Choice for Hemorrhage Control

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    Why the AAJT-S is First Responders’ Choice for Hemorrhage Control

    Injuries that result in hemorrhages can lead to a life-and-death situation.

    Traditional tourniquets and manual pressure are incapable of controlling hemorrhages related to junctional injuries or pelvic fracture bleeding. Such incidents pose challenges to emergency personnel and expose the patient to increased risk of injury and death.

    The Abdominal Aortic and Junctional Tourniquet-Stabilized™ (AAJT-S) is the only multi-functional, life-saving tourniquet on the market today.

    The AAJT-S is the most studied, field tested and proven device on the market that can provide stable and complete occlusion of blood flow to the axilla, pelvis, inguinal areas as well as stability for pelvic fractures and bleeding that may result from those injuries.

    Why First Responders Choose The AAJT-S

    Multi-Purpose – The AAJT-S can control difficult bleeding in the abdomen, inguinal, axilla and pelvis so accident victims can reach definitive care for additional medical intervention.

    Easy To Use – The AATJ-S is designed for simplicity. It is easy to use and minimal training is required.

    Swift Response – In hemorrhage scenarios, every second counts. The intuitive design of the AAJT-S ensures rapid deployment.

    Stays Secure – Patient injuries and rescues can occur in cumbersome environments. The AAJT-S stays secure during challenging patient extraction and transport.

    Lightweight and Compact – The AAJT-S is lightweight and compact for medical kits and field packs.

    The AAJT-S Multi-Functional Life-Saving Device

    The AAJT-S is battlefield-tested and scientifically proven with more than 70 peer-reviewed publications. The AAJT-S has five distinct uses:

    • Abdominal
    • Axilla
    • Inguinal
    • Pelvic Fractures
    • Zone 3 REBOA

    To learn more about or request a demonstration of the AAJT-S, call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local sales representative.

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