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  • What Are Paramedics Saying about the Inovytec Ventway Sparrow EMS Portable Ventilator?

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    What Are Paramedics Saying about the Inovytec Ventway Sparrow EMS Portable Ventilator?

    Using the Ventway Sparrow EMS & Transport Turbine Ventilator

    Flight Paramedic Andrew Grandin is no stranger to competition. In the last six years, he has been a 5-time finalist in the Advanced Life Support National SIM Competition during the National Conference on EMS. He won first place in 2016 and 2022.

    His most recent wins have been with Team Meret partner and 911 Paramedic Beth Blizzard.

    Both are EMS educators and are dedicated to sharing how to bring the best medicine to the patient’s bedside.

    During the 2022 competition, Grandin and Blizzard used the Inovytec Ventway Sparrow EMS & Transport portable turbine ventilator. Watch the video to hear about their experience during the competition, their thoughts on using the ventilator in the field and how the Sparrow compares to the competition.

    Andrew Grandin Sparrow Quote
    Ventway Sparrow EMS photo

    Inovytec Ventway Sparrow EMS & Transport Portable Turbine Ventilator

    The Ventway Sparrow EMS & Transport ventilator is a compact, lightweight turbine ventilator that can be utilized in the field, during transport and all the way to the ICU with in-hospital performance.

    Weighing only 1 kg, the ventilator is approximately 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 2″. It is a small, high-performing ventilator that can provide invasive and non-invasive ventilation for adults and pediatrics. Ventilation modes include SIMV-VC-PS, SIMV-PC and CPAP. FDA approval is pending for the HFNC and CPR modes.

    The Ventway Sparrow is easy to use and intuitive. It is maintenance-free, requiring only a periodic filter replacement.

    For more information, click here.

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