DART-Reach from Pulmodyne laryngo-tracheal mucosal device product with mist

The DART-Reach™, a laryngo-tracheal mucosal device, is one of Pulmodyne’s newest technologies to aid anesthesia personnel. When delivering topical anesthetics during naso/oropharyngeal and laryngotracheal procedures, the DART-Reach™ allows providers to deliver misted atomized medication to the upper airway and vocal cords.

Medication is delivered through a flexible stylet that allows providers to adjust the tube for a customized, smooth and consistent approach. Medications are not pre-packaged with the Reach™, therefore reducing waste and enabling adjustments based on differing protocols.

The Reach™ is ideal for a variety of procedures, including difficult airways, awake intubations, endoscopies, TEE and bronchoscopies.

The Reach™ complements other airway management devices that MED Alliance distributes for Pulmodyne, and maintains its reputation as a high-quality and affordable device.

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