In an emergency, healthcare providers must be prepared with alternative solutions when it is not feasible to intubate a patient using an endotracheal tube.

The laryngeal mask airway (LMA®) can be an appropriate alternative to an ETT in an emergency when intubation is needed, or when a patient may not need to be intubated for a long period of time.1

According to the ACLS Certification Institute, LMAs® can reduce the possibility of aspiration upon intubating and cause less gastric distention.1 An LMA® resembles an ETT in the proximal, tubular part of the device, but on the distal end is a mask that delivers air into the trachea and lungs while blocking the esophagus to prevent gastric insufflation.1

The air-Q® from Salter Labs is an intubating laryngeal airway (ILA) that is ready for the unexpected.

The air-Q® includes an epiglottis elevator and raised heal to optimize airway placement and seal. The air-Q® provides anatomically correct placement of the masked airway, lifting of the epiglottis to maximize access, and a guide ramp to assist with ETT insertion and placement.

The air-Q® is available in three different variants of intubating laryngeal airways that deliver safety and confidence in airway management.

Standard air-Q®

The Standard air-Q® is a traditional ILA used for everyday cases that provides exceptional ease of ETT placement when unexpected intubation is required.

*Available in reusable and disposable models.

Self-Pressurizing air-Q®sp

The Self-Pressurizing air-Q®sp utilizes a clinician’s positive pressure ventilatory source to automatically inflate the cuff to form a seal without manual inflation. The air-Q®sp is ideal for spontaneous trigger ventilation.

*Available in a reusable model.

air-Q® Blocker

The air-Q® Blocker is a traditional ILA with an added gastric access feature for cases where gastric reflux may be an issue. The air-Q® Blocker is ideal for delivery room, emergency department and bariatric patients where an ILA is necessary.

*Available in a disposable model.

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