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    Study Concludes RADPAD® Protects Brain From Scatter Radiation

    May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month, and approximately 1,985 Americans will be diagnosed with brain cancer or other nervous system cancers in May alone.1 Learn how RadPad No-Brainer can protect healthcare providers during fluoro-guided procedures.

    Enhance First-Stick Success in Neonates and Pediatrics with Argon PICC Lines

    Since their debut in the 1970s, peripherally inserted catheters (PICC) have grown in popularity due to being deemed safer and simpler than central venous lines. Over a million PICCs are placed each year in the United States,1 with many of them being placed in infants and children. Placing PICC lines in these small patients can [...]

    Meet Anesthesia Guidelines with One Device that Provides Statistically Superior EtCO2 readings and O2 Administration1

    A leading cause in preventable adverse outcomes in sedated patient cases is failure to use or correctly interpret capnography in detecting respiratory depression.2 When opiates used in sedation cause respiratory depression, the sedated patient is unable to wake themselves up from being deprived of oxygen. Respiratory depression that goes undetected can have severe effects, such [...]

    This Intubating Laryngeal Airway Is Your Solution For Emergency Intubation

    Healthcare providers must act fast and with efficiency during an emergency intubation. Accuracy and precision are key to preventing complications and even death.1 The laryngeal mask airway (LMA®) can be an appropriate alternative to an endotracheal tube (ETT) when emergency intubation is needed, or when a patient may not need to be intubated for a [...]

    This Intubating Laryngeal Airway Is Your Solution For Emergency Intubation

    In an emergency, healthcare providers must be prepared with alternative solutions when it is not feasible to intubate a patient using an endotracheal tube. Healthcare providers must act fast and with efficiency during an emergency intubation, because if not done properly it can lead to severe complications, even death.1 The laryngeal mask airway (LMA®) can [...]

    Secure Indwelling Urinary Catheters with Grip-Lok® – an Engineered Stabilization Device

    When a patient in the ICU requires an indwelling urinary catheter, proper maintenance and care of that catheter is important. Utilizing a securement device can help clinicians prevent complications, reduce patient pain, increase patient satisfaction and provide the best quality of care. A 2016 study1 published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes [...]

    Cath Lab Physicians and Staff Can Decrease Their Radiation Exposure Risk by Doing this One Thing

    According to Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy, over one million cardiac catheterization procedures are performed annually in the United States.3 Although cardiac catheterizations are generally considered safe, radiation exposure is a risk for the patient as well as the interventional cardiologists and cath lab personnel. Over the past decade, older cardiac interventionalists have shown high rates [...]

    Overcapacity, Power Outages, Renovations – How Do You Manage Morgue Complications?

    Morgue facilities and their staff play an important role in the safety and preservation of the deceased. It is crucial that coroners, medical examiners and morgue attendants are able to maintain quality standards, preventing decomposition and the spread of infections while the deceased are left in their care. What happens when an unforeseen event occurs [...]

    Help Improve Quality of Care with the IV/Vascular Access and Interventional Radiology Devices Offered Through MED Alliance Group

    MED Alliance Group is proud to specialize in the distribution of intravenous/vascular access and interventional radiology products that help healthcare providers improve patient safety, patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. INTRAVENOUS/VASCULAR ACCESS The AquaGuard Moisture Barrier from Covalon Technologies Ltd. was designed to improve quality of care and outcomes for patients with catheter sites, surgical incisions [...]

    The Blood Supply Chain – Learning About the Points of Failure

    MED Alliance Group is proud to offer an inclusive portfolio of blood transfusion products. Our recent partnership with MaxQ has allowed for a seamless pairing of TempTime’s Safe-T-Vue Temperature Indicators and MaxQ’s MaxPlus Coolers to help provide a solution to complications that arise in the blood supply chain. Below is an article originally posted by [...]
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