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    NICU and PICU Products for Optimal Patient Care

    Choosing the right medical devices for the NICU and PICU play a role in a child’s opportunity to lead a strong and healthy life. MED Alliance offers a variety of unique and cost-effective devices that are designed to enhance patient care and outcomes.

    MED Alliance Group to Exhibit at the Advances in Perinatal Neonatal Care Conference

    MED Alliance Group is excited to announce its attendance and exhibition at the 2019 Advances in Perinatal Neonatal Care Conference on October 30th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Around 150 NICU/PICU Nurses, Physicians and other healthcare providers will further their education and learn the latest advancements in perinatal and neonatal care. MED Alliance Group sales representatives Lyndon [...]

    MED Alliance to Exhibit at the 2019 AWHONN Michigan Fall Conference

    MED Alliance Group is excited to announce its exhibition at the 2019 Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) Fall Conference in Traverse City, Michigan on October 11. Around 275 pediatric healthcare providers will attend to continue their education in clinical practices to treat mothers and babies. MED Alliance Group Sales Representatives Ted [...]

    Enhance First-Stick Success in Neonates and Pediatrics with Argon PICC Lines

    Since their debut in the 1970s, peripherally inserted catheters (PICC) have grown in popularity due to being deemed safer and simpler than central venous lines. Over a million PICCs are placed each year in the United States,1 with many of them being placed in infants and children. Placing PICC lines in these small patients can [...]

    Lower the Risk for CLABSI with Midline Catheters

    Placing a central venous line is an effective method to administer powerful drugs to patients, however there are a variety of risks that can come with the placement of a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC). Approximately 80,000 central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) occur in the ICU annually1 and can cost up to $46,000 per [...]

    IV and Vascular Access Product Codes

    MED Alliance carries a wide range of iv and vascular access products from Argon. Click here to learn more. Product Code Item Description U/M 384061 Intro Needle U-Wing 24G for 28G Cath 10 384062 26GA (1.9Fr) First Stic-N Introducer 10 384101 22 ga S/L Silicone PICC, 50 cm Cath only 5 384115 PICC 20G X [...]
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