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  • Shout Out to Our Fabulous Customer Service and Warehouse Teams

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    Shout Out to Our Fabulous Customer Service and Warehouse Teams

    customer service appreciation week

    MED Alliance would like to take this opportunity during Customer Service Appreciation Week 2019 to shout out a public “THANK YOU” to our dedicated customer service and warehouse teams.

    These two teams work hand-in-hand to ensure products are delivered quickly and accurately.

    “Our staff go above and beyond daily,” said MED Alliance Group VP of Operations Lindsey Allende. “We are lucky to have a dedicated group of individuals who truly care about our clinical customers and the patients that will ultimately benefit from the medical devices we offer.”

    And it isn’t just MED Alliance co-workers who think these teams are great. Year after year, MED Alliance customers give our customer service the highest rating on our customer survey.

    “Our 99% customer satisfaction rating shows our dedication to ensure each customer’s needs are met,” said Allende.

    One customer commented, “Excellent customer service. Always courteous and professional.” While another commented, “They are always pleased to help with any questions.”

    A special thank you to Gretchen Kettner, Amy Arnold, Emily Hansen, Mason Graham, and Austin Culton for always picking up the phone with a smile, finding answers to the unknown, maintaining your cool under pressure, double-checking product codes and hustling to get those last-minute orders out before the daily pickups. We truly appreciate all you do!

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