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    MED Alliance Recognizes the Commitment of its Sales Team

    MED Alliance Sales TeamMED Alliance Group recognizes and honors the commitment of its sales representatives. MED Alliance Group currently has 15 representatives that cover 14 Midwest states. We rely on our team’s clinical experience and expertise to maintain and grow our success in the medical device sales and distribution industry.

    Vice President of Sales Mike Schroeder says, “The MED Alliance sales team is a critical and core part of MED Alliance’s success.  Our representatives are some of the best in field, with more than 300 years of combined experience in medical device sales. The experience they have allows us to take on and succeed with specialized products that many manufacturers need to get to market.”

    Our sales representatives attend clinical product trainings, work closely with our manufacturing partners, and stay up-to-date with the latest research and whitepapers associated with the products they sell. This enables them to train clinical staff on devices, as well as be the go-to person when customers have any questions or concerns. They are our front-line troops when it comes to representing our products and an ear in the field when it comes to our competition.

    But knowing the products and competition is only half the battle. Our representatives also focus on maintaining great relationships with their customers. They work hard to build successful relationships, always making sure that their customers are satisfied and happy with the products. Not only are they teachers and consultants to their customers, they are friends as well, which is what makes these relationships so successful.

    Many of our representatives have been in medical sales for more than 20 years and with MED Alliance for more than 10 years.

    “We are proud to still have a few of the founding MED Alliance sales representatives on our team after almost 18 years,” says Schroeder. “We have a great team, and look forward to continuing and growing our success with our representatives who make it possible.”

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