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  • Removing Stuck Rings Made Of Any Metal Has Never Been Easier

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    Removing Stuck Rings Made Of Any Metal Has Never Been Easier

    Removing stuck rings can be time-consuming and costly, requiring the assistance of multiple healthcare providers. Many times, the procedure is painful for patients, leaving them less than satisfied when their cherished ring is destroyed in the process.

    Tackle any stuck ring scenario with the Ring Rescue Kit from Ring Rescue. The non-destructive Compression Device shrinks the finger in 5 minutes and provides a procedural method for removing stuck rings intact without causing damage to the finger or ring. For those more stubborn stuck rings, use the Dolphin Ring Cutter which cuts all ring metals, including Tungsten and Titanium, in minutes. Decrease patient discomfort and increase the number of non-destructive removals using the proven Ring Rescue ring removal system.

    The Ring Rescue Kit

    The Removal Process

    The first step is to use the Ring Rescue Compression Device™ and the non-hydrating Ring Lubricant to shrink the finger. The Compression Device is proven to reduce finger size 100% of the time. Many rings can be removed with this step alone, leaving the ring intact and preserving the valuable or sentimental piece.

    More extreme cases may require the Ring Rescue Dolphin™ Ring Cutter. After shrinking the finger with the Compression Device, the specially designed cutting discs and automated guard of the Dolphin allow one provider to safely cut through any ring metal. In many cases, patients are pleased to discover the ring can be repaired due to the Dolphin’s thin, clean cut.

    Ensure safe and efficient ring removal every time with the Ring Rescue Kit!

    Watch the Video Below to See The Ring Rescue Kit In Action

    For more information about the Ring Rescue Kit and to request a demonstration, call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local sales representative.

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