Ensure the Safety of Your Medical Team

Receive a Free Lunch and Valuable Information

Medical professionals working in diagnostic radiology may not be aware of everything they can do to protect themselves from radiation. Ensure the safety of your medical staff with a free Radiation Safety Lunch and Learn held in the comfort of your own facility, at a time that is most convenient for your team.

Attendees Will Learn:
  • How much scatter radiation they are exposed to during each case
  • The difference between primary and secondary radiation exposure
  • The regulations and limits set by the EPA, FDA and International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)
  • What can be used as protective shielding
  • Basic steps to reduce radiation exposure

Find out where scatter radiation is located in your facility with a real-time dosimeter radiation reading. We’ll provide a free lunch while your team learns about radiation safety and best practices, such as using RadPad Radiation Protection Shields which create a shade zone for providers, reducing their exposure.

Click here for more information about RadPad Radiation Protection Shields.

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