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Rainbow Trays ™ by Uvamed ®

Reduce Anesthetic Drug Errors

Color-Coded Anesthetic Trays for Patient Safety

Rainbow Trays™ from Uvamed ® are color-coded anesthetic trays that provide a safe environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anesthetic drugs. Rainbow Trays incorporate the logical progression integrated with the established international color-coding system for critical care drug labeling to aid in the reduction of medication errors.

The Food and Drug Administration reports that medication mistakes are the most common medical error, causing 1.3 million injuries a year and costing an estimated $77 billion a year.¹ Rainbow Trays provide an easy visual check to avoid injuries and costly medication errors.

The system offers three separate color-coded base trays that allow an anesthetist to clearly separate routine, local and emergency drugs.  Base trays can be reused multiple times and easily cleaned using anti-bacterial wipes or sterilized with ethylene oxide.  Separate, clear insert trays are for single use only and are placed inside the base tray to provide sections for the syringes to be placed.  Each base tray comes packaged with 100 insert trays.

Rainbow Trays Offer:

  • Standardization
    • Supports the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) critical care color code labeling system
    • Standardizes the logical progression of use from induction to reversal
  • Segregation
    • Physical separation of all drug types to reduce the risk of syringe swaps
    • Complete segregation of emergency and local anesthetics
    • Keeps relevant ampoule with syringe for effective double checking
  • Infection Control
    • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bacteriostatic material will not harbor any bacterial growth
    • No dispersal of harmful pulp fibers in OR
    • Single-use trays
  • Patient Safety

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¹Matthew C Grissinger, et al; “The Role of Managed Care Pharmacy in Reducing Medication Errors,” Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy 9, no. 1(2003); 62:65. Click here to view.



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