Artemis Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask

Pedi-Fit NIV masks from Solutions in Critical Care are non-invasive pediatric nasal and full-face masks providing excellent seal and comfort while enabling healthcare providers to right fit each patient. Click here to learn more.

Item ID Description U/M
ART00PF Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask, Small EACH
ART0PF Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask, Medium EACH
ART01PF Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask, Large EACH
ART02PF Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask, Adult X-Small EACH
ART200PF Pedi-Fit Full Face Mask, Small EACH
ART20PF Pedi-Fit Full Face Mask, Medium EACH
ART21PF Pedi-Fit Full Face Mask, Large EACH
ART22PF Pedi-Fit Full Face Mask, X-Large EACH

For more information about the Pedi-Fit, contact your local MED Alliance Sales Representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.