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    MED Alliance Welcomes New Partner Linear Health Sciences

    MED Alliance welcomes its newest partner, Linear Health Sciences™, a medical device company founded by a physician and business-minded engineer.

    Linear Health Sciences is dedicated to developing products for various types of medical tubing based on its proprietary, breakaway safety-valve technology. Its flagship device, the Orchid Safety Release Valve™ (SRV) targets IV dislodgement caused by macro forces on an IV.

    “Nurses will tell you, IV dislodgement is a common problem that can lead to other safety concerns,” said MED Alliance Group President Mike Schroeder. “We are pleased to offer the Orchid SRV to help reduce IV dislodgement, improve patient satisfaction and free clinicians from unnecessary restarts. This innovative device nicely complements our wide portfolio of IV/Vascular products that solve common problems faced by our customers.”

    A study, published by J-AVA, found that of the 1,561 clinicians who were surveyed agreed that IV dislodgements continue to pose significant safety risks for patients and hospitals. Over two-thirds of the clinicians reported that dislodgement “often” occurred and that 1/2 of catheters dislodge even with extra securement.

    IV dislodgements cost healthcare facilities more than $2 billion annually.


    The Orchid SRV is a sterile, single-patient use connector for needless access, placed between the existing IV extension set and general IV tubing connection intended for fluid delivery to/from an IV catheter. It can be used during direct injection, intermittent infusion and continuous infusion.

    When tension on the IV line activates the SRV, the valve disconnects and seals off both sides of the IV creating a sterile barrier. The clinician restores the line by simply removing the separated halves and replacing them with a new, prepackaged, sterile valve.

    The Orchid SRV can help decrease the need for needles which enhances patient satisfaction, decreases exposure to Sharps injuries, and saves staff time and hospital money.

    For more information, a demonstration or to learn how much money your facility could save by using the Orchid Safety Release Valve, contact your local MED Alliance Group sales representative, call 888-891-1200 or email us.

    MED Alliance Group is dedicated to partnering with medical device companies offering high-quality, innovative products that improve patient care. We are delighted to partner with Linear Health Sciences and add the Orchid SRV to our portfolio.

    MED Alliance Group is a medical device distributor that has been dedicated to meeting the needs of our clinical customers and manufacturing partners since 1998. We specialize in the sales, marketing, importation, logistics and distribution of innovative, high-quality and cost-effective products found in anesthesia and respiratory, blood and transfusion therapy, EMS and emergency room, interventional radiology and cath lab, iv and vascular, as well as NICU and PICU.

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