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    MaxPlus Blood Cooler Enables EMS to Carry Blood and Increase Trauma Patient Survival Rates

    For years, EMS has used crystalloids and colloids for trauma resuscitation.1

    With increasing evidence suggesting that the survival rate of severely injured patients increases when whole blood is used for trauma resuscitation,2-4 more EMS facilities are shifting to administering blood products.

    Until now, it has been difficult for EMS services to carry and use whole blood, but the argument remains that whole blood is ideal for prehospital use. Whole blood is both superior to crystalloids and colloids and is easier to administer than components.1

    MaxPlus EMT Cooler

    The MaxPlus EMT Cooler from MaxQ is an innovative, no-bench-time blood storage and transportation cooler that is validated and ideal for Emergency Medical Transport and Air Evac services.

    The MaxPlus EMT Cooler transports blood products safely and economically,  stores efficiently in an ambulance and stands up to repeated in-field and in-hospital use.

    The technologically advanced MaxPlus EMT Cooler with MAXIFY technology is optimized for quick deployment and is putting an end to weak cardboard shippers with thick and costly foam walls. It features a universal, simple pack-out and ergonomic and attractive design with strong handles for easy lifting.

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    To learn more about all of the MaxPlus Coolers from MaxQ, please call 888-891-1200 or email us to be connected to your local sales representative.

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