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  • Manual Ventilation Quality During CPR Should Not Be Left to Chance

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    Manual Ventilation Quality During CPR Should Not Be Left to Chance

    Ventilation Quality is a Crucial Part of CPR

    The timing and pressure of manual ventilation can be challenging, even for first responders who perform CPR frequently. Poorly delivered manual ventilation can cause hyperventilation and other adverse effects leading to poor outcomes, including death.

    Studies estimate that during ventilation the mask is not properly positioned and kept in place for 35 to 85% of patients, causing excessive leaks. In addition, air is insufflated into the stomach in 30% of patients and hyperventilation occurs in 80% of patients.

    Training is Imperative

    Manual ventilation is tough to teach. Trainers have no way of knowing whether the correct volume has been administered at the appropriate frequency, making it difficult to provide feedback. Training manikins are imprecise, inefficient and don’t identify airway management problems.

    The Solution: EOlife X

    EOlife X is a device that teaches good airway management and ventilation practices during CPR regardless of the user’s level of experience and the type of patient treated.

    EOlife X software is designed specifically for CPR manual ventilation training. It provides visual feedback on the quality of ventilation given during CPR and has a blind training mode that records ventilation parameters.

    The visual feedback increases the quality of manual ventilation by 70% and reduces the risk of hyperventilation tenfold.

    EOlife X gives feedback on mask leaks and its bar graph displays the volumes inhaled and exhaled in real time, teaching how to position and seal the mask more effectively. The device teaches users how to use the jaw thrust maneuver correctly to avoid insufflation of air into the stomach and how to intubate successfully.

    Don’t leave the quality of manual ventilation to chance. Train with the EOlife X for more efficient ventilation practices.

    For a demonstration or more information about the EOlife X from Archeon, contact your local MED Alliance Group sales representative, call 888-891-1200 or email us.

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