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  • EOlife: The First Smart Device that Measures the Quality of Manual Ventilation Gets FDA Clearance

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    EOlife: The First Smart Device that Measures the Quality of Manual Ventilation Gets FDA Clearance


    With the recent FDA clearance of EOlife® by Archeon Medical, high-performance ventilation will become a standard of care. This approval marks a significant milestone for Archeon Medical on its mission to promulgate the practice of high-performance ventilation. (1) A 2019 study showed that EOlife improves the performance of manual ventilation by over 70 %. Which in turn can triple the chance of patient survival.

    EOlife Device and What it Offers:

    EOlife is an easy-to-use medical device that helps clinicians efficiently ventilate patients in cardiac arrest. EOlife has an AI system that measures ventilation parameters and provides first responders with real-time feedback on the quality of manual ventilation provided to the patient. This portable device is designed for extreme environments. EOlife is drop/vibration resistant, water resistant, and can withstand temperatures between -4°F and 122°F. Other features include a 5-hour run time and its numerous live statistics that provide first responders with crucial information when it matters most.

    What High-performance Ventilation Encompasses:

    • Providing adequate volume while minimizing the risk of gastric inflation
    • Avoiding excessive gas leakage which can result in inadequate ventilation of the patient’s lungs
    • Avoiding hyperventilation

    EOlife Allows Users to put the “P” Back in CPR.

    • Choose the appropriate mask size
    • Position and seal the airway mask more effectively to prevent air leaks
    • Correctly use the jaw-thrust maneuver to avoid insufflation of air into the stomach
    • Squeeze the bag and adapt the delivered volume and rate to the patient to avoid hyperventilation

    Archeon Medical also offers EOlife X®, a CPR manual ventilation training device. Learn more

    For a demonstration or more information about the EOlife from Archeon, contact your local MED Alliance Group sales representative, call 888-891-1200, or email us.

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    (1) Khoury A, De Luca A, Sall FS, Pazart L, Cappelier G. Ventilation feedback device for manual ventilation in simulated respiratory arrest: a crossover manikin study. Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med. 2019 Oct 22;27(1):93

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