Founder and Former CEO of Statlock Dr. Steve Bierman recognizes that Bedal has developed the next generation of stabilization devices.

“What you and your team have done is a brilliant advance on what I started,” said Bierman.

Bedal catheter stabilization devices were developed to provide safe, secure and comfortable skin fixation for a wide range of catheters, with no pistoning (micro-movements), which occurs in competitive devices and can lead to an increased risk of infection.


Bedal’s unique design using air pillow technology firmly surrounds the catheter resulting in a strong fixation force without compressing the catheter or affecting flow rates. Bedal’s fixation force is up to twice as strong as other devices to prevent pistoning. (See the comparison chart or click here for more information about Bedal’s fixation force.)


With a versatile, one-size fits all approach, Bedal offers a small portfolio suitable for a wide range of applications, making it easier for hospitals to stock and easier for nurses to choose the best option for their patients.


Bedal does not use glue to secure the catheter. This makes cleaning the site easier and reduces infection risk. Bedal devices leave the entry site visible and allow the catheter to be easily repositioned. Dressings are safely and easily removed due to Bedal’s unique composition.


The tape used in all Bedal stabilization devices is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. This, paired with the low profile, and soft material, enhance patient comfort.


For samples, an evaluation or more information about the Bedal Flex, Bedal PICC/CVC and Bedal PIVC, contact your local MED Alliance Group sales representative, call 888-891-1200 or email us.

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Bedal comparison chart to other stabilization devices
Bedal stabilization device indication examples