In emergency situations, high-quality respiratory and airway management devices are incredibly important. The SunMed portfolio of products offers a variety of solutions for emergency personnel to safely resuscitate both children and adults.

SafeT T-Piece Resuscitator

SafeT T-Piece Resuscitator

This neonatal resuscitator allows clinicians to deliver continuous oxygen flow while providing consistent PIP and PEEP pressures to ensure neonatal resuscitation and CPAP. With a variety of cushioned mask sizes, clinicians can ensure the proper seal and meet the needs of patients from neonate to infant.

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Horizon Hyperinflation System from SunMed

Horizon Hyperinflation System

The Horizon Hyperinflation System from SunMed is designed specifically for use on the smallest patients in the NICU or PICU. The system is equipped with a stay-put dial to enable clinicians to achieve targeted static pressure.

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color coded guedel airway

Airway Management Devices

Meet individual patient needs and airway types with SunMed’s wide portfolio of oral and nasopharyngeal airways.

  • Robertazzi Nasopharyngeal Airways
  • Adjustable Robertazzi Flange Airways
  • Oral Guedel Airways
  • Berman Airways
  • Williams Airways

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BF102 Filter by SunMed

Bacterial and Viral Respiratory Filters

Providing 99.99% filtration efficiency, the Bacterial and Viral Respiratory filters from SunMed help reduce the transmission of microbes and other particulate matter in the respiratory breathing system.

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